For The American Satanist

This message is mainly for the Satanist toiling away in the USA. While it is the beacon of freedom to the world, there are current movements threatening to destroy it, (See my article on Satanism and Patriotism) and they must be defeated.

The American Satanist is a rare breed, as they have nothing like those in other parts of the world do in terms of oppression. We are allowed by the US Constitution to follow our faith to our hearts content, and have real and true protection from formal government oppression. This is not a directly political posting, as it is a plea for common sense on the part of my fellow Satanists as well as Occultists.

We live in a nation powered by the people, at least that is how it was intended. These days government bureaucrats sit atop Capitol hill, micro-managing our lives and trying to grab more of the power for them selves. Now not only as Satanists, regardless of petty political differences, do we agree in freedom, but we also agree that we do NOT like to be told what to do by anyone. This of course goes AGAINST the current direction the US Government is going.

The whole point of this post is to lay out the only way that we will ever be SERIOUSLY threatened by the Christian Zombies, as they are held at bay by the same Constitution that protects us. This is hypothetical and should only be viewed as such, the timeline would be variable depending on the exact situation, and is intended to provoke rational non-cult thought.

The US government continues to disregard not only the constitution, but also common sense, grabbing more and more power, causing the US government to collapse in on itself. This causes a mad dash for power leading to Faction vs. Faction civil war. there will be some states (i.e. Texas, and other self sustained states) that are able to maintain government functionality, but the rest of the country falls into total anarchy.

The US is heavily divided, but many areas of the US consolidate into a Christian Republic, made up to the desires of the fanatical fringe, and ran by a Theocratic outlook. This is the worst threat that they pose to the Satanist on a grand scale. They no doubt would have no tolerance for anyone that practices the Occult, let alone Theistic Satanism… Thus leading to an inquisition of sorts.

There will be scattered places through out the old US area that Satanists would be mildly safe, but the Christian majority would cause being a Satanist to be VERY difficult, due to their tendency to bind themselves together, they would begin to overlook each others minor personal belief differences… This would spell doom for many of our brothers and sisters in the Faith.

There is only one way to prevent such an atrocity, and that is to stand together, not only in the open, but also behind the US Constitution. This document is not political, but instead is practical. IT controls how the government functions, and we need to support it. As I have said this would have no ties to a political idea, or even to any party… Only to the governing PRINCIPLES of the US Constitution… ONLY THEN will we be able to guarantee the perpetual freedom of Theistic Satanists.

Christianity does not one this Nation… Many of the Founding Fathers had more of a Satanic viewpoint on life than a Christian one, seeing as they supported freedom, versus religious tyranny. This is the way we most go… Not Socialism, or Tyranny…. No form of hate will protect the Faith if this were to ever come to pass… Only standing by what is right will guarantee us this victory.

HM Nichoslson
Church of Theistic Satanism

A Statement about Faith

Today seems to be a busy day for me, I have been on here more today than I usually am, but my mind is still turning as Satan draws me closer to his side.  I have watched as Faith has made things clearer and removed the objects of pain from my life. I never had that happen as a christian, and I know for a FACT I never had it before I found true Satanism. True, real and Pure Satanism. Theistic Satanism has been the Salvation of my sanity, as I had came close to the breaking point many times while waiting on bended knees for the Almighty to do anything. He never did, after all, he isnt even really there.

I can tell you who is there though, and his name is Satan. At the risk of sounding nice and rosy I can honestly say I have never felt more at home than I do with Theistic Satanism.  NEVER before have I experienced the power of a TRUE Deity, and I was raised in almost as ‘strong’ a religious family as you could get, after all, who takes and excommunicates their children due to their Faith? Draconian whack jobs that who. Today I will expose a hate group that poses the greatest threat to any single Theistic Satanist.

Their is a group that calls themselves Fundamentalist/Independent Baptists. These people do not have any respect whatsoever for personal rights. They are brutal in their doctrine and wicked in their practice. Resembling closely to Hitler Youth, they send their children away to youth camps, geared towards indoctrinating their young into this brainwashed way of thinking, restricting all natural development, and degrading the woman into a lesser being. They do not seem to get the idea of Freedom and Liberty for All, but more seem to only grasp that the church says what you do SO DO IT!! They apply this ill thought out logic into all aspects of life from childhood to adulthood.

I was raised in this atmosphere of guilt, fear and servitude. After all, as the son of a Baptist preacher, I was expected to be the pinnacle of Christian ‘values’ and keep bringing the masses into the church for conversion. Everything from worldly music to movies about anything other than jesus were labeled as Satanic, and we as kids required to answer to the higher power that was not only the all mighty parent, but also the god that even loved us enough to put in his bible that disobedient children were to be stoned by the elders of the city. Not only did this moronic rhetoric get puked from the pulpit every Sunday, but everything else was used as scare tactics to keep the congregation from wandering away from the flock.

While at church I watched as my parents, (they ran the church) played the good family routine, pretending nothing was ever wrong, and all was well at home. Well along with being fearmongers, christians are great at hypocrisy, which is rampant in all FALSE religions. The best example I have is of my father, who, before becoming a pastor was a hard worker. He went to work at 5am and didnt get home till 6pm, and he did it for his family. Then he began to get radical fanatical and other wonderful things you see in Westboro. He mixed his faith into his work, (Which is a big dont in the business world) which got him fired. He then decided that ‘the lord would provide’ and ceased ALL attempts at providing for his family. Even after BANKRUPTCY he was claiming the ‘lord would provide’. I watched my parents fight at home and play nice at church. Thus teaching me the truth behind personal christianity.

Personal christianity is nothing but making yourself appear holy, and better than the common ‘sinner’ that is ‘going to hell’. There is no REAL doctrinal discussions, just justifications from other ‘holy’ sources of their fraudulent beliefs. They lack proof, something that the Church of Theistic Satanism haas an abundance of, and makes it available for growth. Christianity however denies any outside proof that shows them wrong, and even discourages the attending of secular schools, and gaining any scientific, or archeological knowledge…. Why you ask? Thats because somewhere they know they are wrong, and it scares them to death.

I spent my Thursdays going through laundry mats trying to scare poor mothers and families into the church through threats of Hell and Damnation. These people, who didnt even usually have the money to do much of anythig were supposed to now deal with the stress of FEAR of HELL and the evil Satan coming to get them, and their kids. Even Saturday was a day of attack for us, as we went door to door, much like Jehovahs Witnesses spreading the “good news” as they call it. I dont understand to this day what was so good about it, it was just a simply ‘without jesus you will burn in hell forever’ and an invite to the church.

The scariest part of these people though is their desire for power. No matter how ‘meek’ they act, they believe they deserve to control the world, and as a matter of FACT I have a tape where my grandfather tells the congregation that the “church is supposed to tell the state what to do”.  They stand by this assumption, forgetting that their basis for this belief is the documents written by the Roman Catholic Church, who at the time was attempting to retain the power it had as the Roman Empire. they claim not to be catholic, but it sure seems that way.

I know this seems as its a rather strange post for me to make, but It has been put on my mind by the Deity to describe more about these people. they are closer to the Westboro Baptist church beliefs than they will ever admit to, and they are always actively growing. they pose a threat to us due to the fact that they see us as evil and enemies. they realize not that in a spiritual battle they would be so far gone that they wouldnt even know what to do.. they have no protection from the power of Satan, as they have no real power. Grant it they do have power in numbers, which presents the presense of thoughtforms and negativity that they create with their prayers… Not only the facct they out number us in the real world by a VAST majority.

The physical threat to the theistic Satanist is minimal, as long as they are not in a group setting. I can imagine the feeling of pride they would have if my obituary suddenly popped up online, as my parents are hoping their god will make good on their pledged death to myself if i ever taught anything other than what the bible says. This was something they prayed to their god for in front of the church the day I became a christian preacher…. Well, I have some news for them, I AINT DEAD YET.

While they sit in their prayer closet, I am proudly spreading the truth behind REAL Faith and Theistic Satanism. They have no idea the spiritual battle they wage…. I do nothing but present the truth and serve the Deity, and they keep hoping that something horrible happens to me to try and bring me back to their god…. They must enjoy the spiritual attacks that come at them, as I do nothing but grow in the Deity their little negativities just bounce off me and go right back to them even worse than they sent to me…. I dont have to curse them at all, they are cursing themselves.

I suppose I am done with this out of the ordinary post for me….  I could tell you where their church is, but Im not that mean am I??


Rev James Nicholson

Church of Theistic Satanism

Back To Basics

Back to Basics

I have noticed that many people seem confused on the direction of Theistic Satanism. While there are those that remain Pure to the Deity Satan, there are others that seem intent on winning a popularity contest. Fearing that people will label them as followers of Blackwood, as if that is a sort of monicker of shame. I, personally, do not feel ashamed when being called a ‘follower of Blackwood’ as I do not follow him per say… I follow the same Beliefs he does because I have found them to be true, and have the faith in the Deity, Satan, to back me up. After all, Grand Magister Tom Blackwood is NOT Satan incarnate, nor does he claim to be the only one with the ability to contact Satan.

There seems to be a growing trend of Multiple Path Disorder among Satanists, and Theistic Satanists in general. This is most often complicated and compounded by an infection of Argumentia Tardosim. (For those without any shred of imagination, the break down would be, Inability to follow a path fully and inability to open their mind without an Argument) This is not specific to any specific individual, as this afflicts a good majority of Satanists. Not to mention is recognizable by the fact they never grow, but stay stagnant and miserable, fighting with everyone, even those they call their friends. This only spells destruction for Satanism.

This systematic destruction of Satanism is finished off by the introduction of Personal Godhood (Anton La Vey) and Totalitarian policies (Joy of Satan), 3rd grade sci-fi ideals (Order of Nine Angles and the W.S.A.) and total rejection of well researched facts (Church of Satan, ___________<—-Insert Modern Satanic Sheep Herding group here). There are leaders in the Satanic community RIGHT NOW that would rather keep members than introduce facts. Many leaders have ADMITTED to the research done by well respected archeologists pointing to Nina-Ash-Zidda as the first defender of mankind and the true Satan, have stated they will lose Modern Satanists if they put forth these truths. After all, some have more Ego than Faith.

While there are still those that still practice either Theistic Satanism as a Pure and Excellent faith, or are at least open minded and open hearted enough to learn, there are those that attempt to mix it with Paganism, or Vampirism, both of which are completely inconguous with Theistic Satanism. Getting back to the basics means going to the Roots. Not playing around with garbage written from the 1800’s and up, or by some fool who has NO understanding of Sumerian (The first Human Civilization) culture and history. We must learn where we TRULY come from. There is no Racial Superiority, or genetic line that destines anyone for greatness. This is about following the EXACT SAME Deity our true ancestors did, not some cheap knock off created during the Dark Ages.

We must as a faith not only be Strong but Fearless. We have protection, not only from Satan himself, but protection from the newly emerged Satanic Security Agency, which supports and Defends all Theistic Satanic Groups that come to it. NO crazies there, no pushing of moral doctrine or complicated doctrines. Just pure and simple defense from the many threats we face… This will be imperative while the Theistic Satanism movement grows, as there are those out there afraid of its potential. (By the way, no laws will be broken, as we are protecting ourselves, not going on some hair brained offense)

As we are rounding the corner towards Satan’s Return, (foretold not only be Sumerian Prophecy, but by more than one Theistic Satanist by visions FROM Satan Himself)we are facing a critical juncture- Return to the ways of the True Satan, or follow the paths of these dysfunctional and diseased Atheists and Fascists. Do you honestly think Satan will be happy to find those he Defended, (Humanity) following nothing but thought-forms and regurgitated nonsense?

I don’t think so, and If you do, you might want to hide before He gets back!

Hail Satan~N G

Reverend James Nicholson

Church of Theistic Satanism

A Mistake Learned From

After growing up in a predominately Fanaticized Baptist house, I learned from some very ‘dedicated’ individuals at a very early age what your ‘supposed’ to do for your faith. I was taught you PUSH AND PUSH AND PUSH until they break. Make them see their ignorance to your views no matter what the cost to you, your family or anuthing else. But I realized something, the Truth needs not be pushed, only presented.

You can be the most dedicated person in the world, focus on your faith 24/7, and be the weakest person in the Faith. How is that possible you may ask? Very simple. You MUST have a well rounded existence for your faith to be strong and your faith to be complete, providing you with Purity and Excellence. You must be strong at home to be strong Spiritually and mentally.

My father and grandfather kept there nose in a bible almost all day, constantly telling anyone they could about there date with death and eternity in hell. Meanwhile at home they were hated by many family members that although were the same religion, did not believe that ‘god’ would have them ignore their family for his work. Of course if you have ever read the bible you would know that in fact the bible does say to forsake EVERYTHING and follow him. Thank NG I am a Satanist. To be more specific, a Theistic Satanist.

While Pagans spend all day hunting for roots, or bathing in some strange ritual manner I am spending time with my family. While some Modern Satanist is worshiping his Anton LeVay blow-up doll, I am playing with my son. Need I continue?

My faith is strong enough I dont need to spend every waking moment dealing with some sort of ritual, or idol (or idle, whichever you prefer) worship. I know my Deity, Satan~NG is there, watching me, knowing my heart and soul is constantly with him as I do my daily routine. YES I SAID IT, ROUTINE!!!

You may think as a Rev in a rapidly growing Satanic organization I am non stop on the phone, reading spells, and cursing the bald Catholic Priest down the street. WRONG. I actaully have organized my time to give me enough time to do what must be done, and it only takes me 1 day a week. Does that mean I am NOT dedicated to Satan? Not in a million years. I happen to do alot more than sit behind my computer, like the ONA’s Geeks in the Basement, or Gilmore in his underground bunker. I happen to take care of a wife and kid, plus everything else I must do in life. Do I serve my Master? Yes, although I do not publish things every day, I am always thinking about his service, yet I do not sell him with an Axe either.

I tell plenty of people about my Faith, my Deity and my Religion. I dont threaten them with damnation, or eternal torment. I just expose them to the truth and leave it there, as it will grow in them till they eventually look it up or even more interesting, convert.

I had a christian the other day tell me I should talk to the man Upstairs, and as a friend I told him I would. (Now this is where many will begin to freak out, but dont worry it gets real good) I was going to do it to humor him, but to my relief, the burning fire in my heart and soul that is my faith in Satan~NG rose up and took care of the issues I was facing. It was not some magic core all, but it was the stress relief I had needed. And I did it through the True Deity, Satan~Ning-Ash-Zida.  So I can honestly tell you, there is great power in Theistic Satanism, as I have never felt the hand of ‘god’ as I did that night.

I said all that to say this, One must not use the concept of Evangelism that permeates from Christianity to put forth Satan and his truth. One must only have the faith enough in the deity to do so. Are some able to devote more time to it than others? Sure and there always will be. Are there some that have to schedule everything down to a point that they can accomplish many things at once, yes, and I am one of them.

As a Reverend I am always available to people for advice, counseling, and help in spiritual matters, but I dont just sit around preaching to everyone. Neither does the Leader of Theistic Satanism, Grand Magister Tom Blackwood. He as I lead normal lives outside of the religious realm. Neither one of us hide our beliefs, and we do work hard in the service of our Master Satan~NG, but we also have things we must do in our lives to keep ourselves going, and that gives us the ability to serve Satan much better than someone that sits in a dark room lit by a candle and a PC screen…. ALL DAY LONG….

This would have sound better as a spoken Sermon, versus a written topic, but, this will have to do.


Rev. James Nicholson II                                                                                                                                                            Temples of Satan

Satanism and Freedom

Everyone take a breath… Gather your thoughts and think…. Some people may want to turn the issues we face into a party line idea. It isn’t, and no matter how much you huff and puff one party is not better than the other. Both parties are growing government, just one slower than the other.

Is President Obama a bad guy? No… He seems like a decent human being, and a good person. Do we like all of his policies? No.

Was President Bush a bad guy? No… He was a decent person, not too bright, but a decent person… Did we like all of his policies? No.

Do all of us think that a New World Order, starting in Denver CO is coming… Not hardly. Do some people? Yes. Is that our mission? No.

We are here to stand for the Constitution. Your rights, my rights, states rights, and FEDERAL Limitation. Trying to change the focus to party politics and vague conspiracies does not help the Republic. It only sends people away from the movement…

The party line is not going to help the Republic, unless it is a party that ONLY functions by what the Constitution says… Not trying to use anything else for authority, just the actual founding documents, no religious books, political platforms. How about the founding fathers instead of professors and pundits for once?

It goes the same way in the Religious circle. The Occult is full of people screaming for attention due to some new wave idea, or a new term or subculture. This is rediculous as there is nothing new. The only thing new is the idiocy of people such as the Church of Satan, ONA, WSA, etc. Here we are, proclaiming the ‘gospel’ that they have been perverting since Le Vay wrote “The Dark Sex Addicts Bible” and “The Subhuman Witch”. This perversion has twisted the many new comers to Satanism into odd things like, Reverse Christianity, Psycotic Vampirism etc.. Get to the roots, do some real research and you just might find what you are looking for. After all, you are looking into Satanism, why not add to your search the REAL roots of Satanism, not a bald man from a Carnival looking for a dirty lay.

Some have said that Satanism is becoming just a lame religion, and to them I say emphatically NO. There are groups out there doing such things, besmirching the name of Satan for Socialist/Fascist/Communist/WHATEVER goals, but I can tell you now, Theistic Satanism IS the first real religion, as it dates back to MANS first religion and culture. You think that is lame? Then go play patty cake with Some of these wack jobs out there following a weak Muslim Terrorist, a aging Athiest, and a Mysterious Nazi Woman. If that is your choice, then so be it, BUT I mist warn you, they will not lead you to enlightenment, (Neither will I or any one else) only Satan~NG, recognized in his true form can do you ANY good.

Rev. James Nicholson
Temples of Satan
Church of Theistic Satanism
Satanic Temples of America

Attack of the Clones: Satanism’s inner Struggle

For the well researched individual there are far to many groups, false leaders, and whack jobs in Satanism. Out of this insanity a few voices break through here and there. Some spouting off the wall idea-ologies about Satan, other touch on the edge of the Truth, while a very select few understand the Faith. Its hard at times to filter out the nonsense. I myself was fooled by one of the people and groups on the edge of the Truth.

When I became a Satanist I came into it from a heavy Christian aspect, and their nemesis in Satanism is the Church of Satan, (that is who the Christian community talks about constantly.) After about three days of looking into them and their group for ‘inner workings’, I realized that they are just an group for Elite self righteous No Bodies. Didnt take me long to figure that out, and besides $200 dolloars for a stupid little red card and a list of ‘grotto’s’ and club houses is a waste of money.

After this little episode, I discovered something I thought was going to be the answer to my search, but, I was terribly wrong. As I studied through out this groups website, one important re-ocuring theme…… Anti-Semitism. At first, I was shocked to see teachings involved with Satanism. I began looking at things written about Joy of Satan Ministries, and was amazed at the disdain they received from the entire Satanic and political community. Not only are they shunned by the Satanic groups proliferating the internet, they are also rejected by the Neo-Nazi movement corrupting society. One concept they fail to realize is this: Religion + Politics = Failure.

Not just their politic theories are nonesense, but there story and theory about Satanism is flawed. I do admire their willingness to go to the roots of the Faith, but their ability to figure out the truth is less than average. From labeling Enki as Satan, to subscribing to some Luciferian teachings and claiming that the Gods are really just aliens, they have officially LOST THEIR MINDS. Just to make things worse for them, among all their false teachings, plagerism and hate speech they lie on every one of their web pages. Ever looked up their Library of Congress number? It doesnt exist… Literally it is not THERE.. I guess when ‘Enki’ visited Maxine he gave her permission to do all these things right? Sorry but not even likely.

After discovering the farce that is JoS, I stumbled upon Diane Vera. Although she boasted much ambition, I saw that she was going in the wrong was as well. She emphasized tolerance to all religions,(I believe tolerance only applies to people, not belief systems) and was more of a commentator and journalist towards Satanism. Her religious aspect of Satanism seems to me to be more like Anti-Christianity (Inverted Christianity). Seeing as Christianity is not a recognizeable religion, I discounted her very quickly.

After I encountered these groups and people I became very discouraged. Looking at the remainder of Satanism, it looked like nothing more than bickering, and people trying to gain personal power. I figured if all I was going to find was these individuals trying to out-Satan each other, I was going to just focus on myself and my path. I was misguided and looking for answers. I started reading Pagan, and gothic (Dark Neo-Pagan), literature. (That was some of the most confusing stuff I have ever read) Amongst all this confusion I met someone on Myspace, who started helping me, (he is honestly more confused than I ever was) but trying to follow his ideas, ranging from Hindu, some odd form of Qabballah, added in some supposed Satanism (from one of the supposed many hundreds of ‘satans’ he said there are) and his delusions was impossible.

After talking to this deluded tard for a while, I met someone who actually helped me, at first….A Theistic Satanist. I was immediately relieved deeply to have been finally getting somewhere. He seemed to understand me, and the quandry I was having within my own search. AS I got to know this person, I learned more and more about Theistic Satanism, until I flt comfortable choosing that as my own personal path. As seemed to happen regularly to me, problems began to appear. This person that was helping me began to get as confused as the Myspace guy, adding in a good helping of psychosis to the mixture… If this person had not got me in touch with someone much more powerful than he, I would have left Satanism for good… I would have more than likely ended up another Worthless pagan. Now ENTER CUE, Grand Magister Tom Blackwood.

The first time I spoke to this man, I knew he was a brilliant person. He knew what Satanism is supposed to be, and who Satan truly is. I will take the liberty to say we “clicked”. Although I knew quite alot before meeting this man, he did teach me alot about the roots of Satanism AND he used real data. Nothing written on the wall by a floating goblin, no plagerism, but true, public research. Not only are his facts correct, be he is a genuine Human being. Somewhat of a shocker for the landscape of Satanism. He is obviously in-tune with the deity, Satan-Ningashzida.

Now, some are reading this thinking I look at Grand Magister Blackwood as some sort of Messiah, (Like the ONA Geeks look at their wonderful Muslim Leader) well seeing as,
#1. I am not Jewish
#2. He hasnt imposed some sort of ideology on my life….
You are dead flat wrong. Yes we agree on alot of things but we also disagree on a few as well. Actually we only have a minor disagreement, ONLY ONE!!! Not like some of these other people in Satanism that hate EVERYTHING he says just because they know they have no shot at ever reaching the top spot in Satanism. The Temples of Satan is poised to take over the lead in Satanism, debasing the corrupt Church of Satan, and bringing all others into line, not forcing them to believe EXACTLY what we do, but instead teaching them the true origin of the deity we serve as Master Satan.

I hope this has helped you, my reader, to understand me, a little better than just someone like the Geeks in the Basement.

I will do everything I can to put forth the Truth of Satanism in this world of Sheep and false gods in Satanism. You cannot last long, and you will fall. Just watch and see when Satan-NG returns.

Rev James “Jake” Nicholson II

The ONA : Geeks In a Basement

OK, now that I have been in Theistic Satanism a while now, I am seeing what the ONA really is for sure. Nothing…. Absolutely nothing. There are some ghost sites around Cyberspace, with a few people spitting out childish attacks at the real Satanists, but that is it. Setting aside the FACT that David Myatt (aka Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt) is a KNOWN Muslim Terrorist, the ‘Order’ itself is a joke.

Being founded by a former Neo Nazi, the group should be regarded with as much esteem as Joy of Satan….Absolutely none. They seem to be just like JoS, dogma, shrouded in mystery, with nothing better to do but sit and attack the people they are afraid of. Like the way they personally attack Grand Magister Tom Blackwood. Calling him ‘Thicky’ and a ‘pseudo Satanist’, that is nothing but childish. They have no way to attack or even debate him or I on an intelligent level, yet they spread this garbage all over the internet.

If the ONA was as powerful as they claim, they would not have to use name calling, and word twisting to write a blog. They would have a real, researched, and proven way to challenge the Temples of Satan/Church of Theistic Satanism.

Yes indeed, Blackwood – who? Despite his frantic attempts over the past ten years to promote himself as some kind of “authority” and as a “leader” in the world of Satanism, Thicky Blockwood is still regarded – when he is regarded at all, of course – as a joke; as a semi-literate nutter who claims to “talk with Satan” and who scampers around cyberspace claiming that everyone except himself is a fake.

Among the Satanic cognoscenti, of course, he is considered as a kind of latter-day village-idiot whom one can point to and say: “Look, there’s Thicky Blockwood. Come on – let’s go have some japes with him!”

This is just an example of how moronic the ONA is, and their lack of intelligence. WE are actually able to look at them and show the world that Satanism is NOT the ONA, not David Myatt…. Has NO ties to Islam, and is ready to stamp out the ONA, WSA, Myatt, and all the little ‘mall-goth’ tards that are running around playing the Sinister Code…. Sinister? They dont know sinister yet….. They have not met Ningashzida…. And they will soon, and he will take GOOD care of people like the ONA, JoS, CoS, FCoS, BoS, SoS, ETC ETC ETC….

I usually do NOT write rants like this. Actually I usually rewrite a blog 3 times before posting, (occaisionally I do write off the top of my head) but the ONA has gone on long enough. We must band together as Theistic Satanists and drop them into the Abyss and let the Underworld hav at them for a while.

The sword is drawn, the power is at hand…. Whos side will YOU be on?

The ONA? Or with someone who will be leading the way into the age of Aquarius for Satanism, the Temples of Satan?

~Rev. Jake Nicholson

Demonic Possession?


Possession? Is it even Possible?

I have done many hours of research into supposed possessions by demons and devils across this hell we know as earth. And I am pleased to announce that it is all a bunch of bunk. Demons and devils hurting humans that either are Christian and the like in origin, for what gain? Bringing people closer to the tyrant god? For glorifying some archaic idea of Christian power? Pardon me if I scoff at such a thought, but it is truly ridiculous.

As a Theistic Satanist, I believe in a literal Satan. Yes, I know, to the Atheistic and Humanistic Satanist, this is very childish and annoying…. But that is not my problem, as they can say and believe whatever they wish…. I know I am right, and that is all that matters.

Any one who has done any research into the occult, knows that thought forms are a very powerful aspect OF the Occult. Thought forms accomplish most of our menial little tasks that the deity has little to know interest in PERSONALLY handling. (I am not saying that Satan, or any of the other deities out there do not care about our day to day life, but I am saying that some things they leave in our hands…. You may not agree, but that is ok, we will never completely agree on everything.) Thought forms are a mindless drone if you will, created by the magician (witch, warlock, priest, priestess, whatever title you call yourself) to do their bidding on a continuous level. Some people have even written about the possibility of thought forms out living their usefulness and going some what insane… That is what I wish to address here.

Through out moder history, I.E. after the supposed death of Yeshua (jesus), the bible was penned… In its old testament, the Jewish Torah, there is NO mention of anything such as demonic possession. My explanation for that is simple. The New Testament was not added till the beginning of what we know as the dark ages, when the world was full of fear and the newborn Christian church was forcing its beliefs on the world. (The Crusades, and the inquisition for example) Hell, demonic possession, and the ‘tribulation’ were designed as scare tactics to make people more afraid of the Christian Satan, than of the war stricken, plague infested world they lived in.

I believe firmly that people who are possessed, ARE possessed by something, but it is NOT a ‘demon’. Demons are nothing more than a label, given to real deities, that the Christian church wanted to extinguish. The true culprit of these horrific ordeals are the angelic thought forms and even the pseudo demonic thought forms created, either on purpose, or inadvertently by the masses involved in the Christian belief system. With as many people who have been putting energy into these thought forms, its no wonder that they cause damage to mankind. Also, it describes in perfect clarity, why these ‘manifestations of darkness’ will respond to the ‘power of christ’. They respond to what they are programmed to respond to, nothing more than drones. The reason they inflict so much suffering is the example of thought forms left to their own wanderings and becoming jumbles of chaotic and negative energy.

Christians scurry in fear when they meet or deal with a TRUE Satanist in the flesh. We terrify them, not because we are gonna posses them, or take their soul, but because they have no real power. Their faith is based on absolutely nothing, except a dusty old book that contradicts itself every chance it gets. Christians are usually the ones possessed, and Satanists are not to my knowledge, ever possessed…. We get harassed sometimes by negative energy, some coming from the weak minded sheep in christianity, but most of the time we power our way through life, especially those of us who practice Purity and Excellence in our service to the deity.

I happened to watch the movie ‘Exsorcism of Emily Rose’ last night. I had to laugh at the way it painted Satan. It lumped to SEPARATE deities together as one, (which even the supposed possessed even do) Lucifer and Satan. My own research has led me to a simple and exhilarating conclusion…. They are NOT one in the same. The Sumerian roots of both deities are varied, but close to each other in their functioning. Lucifer, which is symbolized as a Star throughout history, is the Sumerian God Enki…. And Satan, symbolized throughout history in all cultures under different names boils back to the Sumerian God Ningashzidda. This information came not from some nerd sitting in their parents basement, nor some racist nazi on a delusion mushroom trip….

This evidence has drawn me to the simple conclusion that the cases of possession, that mysteriously appear when Yeshua (jesus) appears are nothing more than examples of Christian magic, no matter how accidental, it happened. If the true Satan would posses a body on this earth, He would make that person superhuman, and possible even the ruler of this planet within days. No pain, no suffering, and no priest shouting “The power of Christ compels you” would even think they needed to show up.

One day the real faith of the ancients will let itself be known…. Sumeria, the worlds first true civilization, and founder of the worls first religion, will get the credit it is due… Christianity will fall, from the inside out….As it rots away on its filthy pile of lies it is built upon…. Bringing Judaism, and Islam crumbling down with it.

Hail Satan!!

Reverend James Nicholson II


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Into The Fray

PhotobucketI find it amazing at how many different viewpoints on Satanism there are. Its hard when new people show up in the community to guide them in the right direction. Between the Islamic Radicals (David Myatt, Order of Nine Angles) and the Atheists (Peter Gilmore, Church of Satan) there is a smattering of white neo-Nazi’s (Maxine Deitrich, Joy of Satan) and a jumble of devil worshipers and just plain morons.

I find as a Reverend in the Satanic Community, that most people are not looking to serve the Deity, (OR even take the time to figure out who Satan is…..) but are looking for personal power and fame. I can tell you now, nothing is more rewarding than going out and helping people in the name of Satan. Sounds strange? Then you have no CLUE what Satanism is.

Satanism is not Atheism, as the defunct elitists at the Church of Satan would have you think, nor is it a religion, (YES I said religion) that promotes all sorts of dark and evil deeds…. Including Vampyrism, wherewolves, blood drinking, sacrifices, church burnings, hangings, or any other form of violence and nonsense. People that say or do otherwise belong in a mental institution, bouncing off rubber walls in a nice, white, STRAIGHT JACKET.

Satanism is a true, spiritual, THEISTIC belief. Many people toil in the work of some sinister code, or some EVIL christian archetype of evil, but they are sadly misled. The Theistic Satanist (its his/her true form) knows the true origin of the deity holding the TITLE of Satan, and will not ever bend from such belief. Once the Theistic Satanist realizes that Satan IS the true savior of mankind, long before Yeshua (jesus) was thought up, there is no swaying their belief.

The most attacked person in Satanism is none other than Grand Magister Tom Blackwood, founder of the Temples of Satan/Church of Theistic Satansim. He was the first person to start any movement toward Theistic Satanism, and despite what has been said to the public about him, he IS the original Theistic Satanist. That does not make him a Messiah, far from it, but it does give him the authority to speak out against such farces as the Church of Satan, ONA, WSA, Joy of Satan Ministries, Brotherhood of Satan, Synagogue of Satan. ETC ETC ETC…. He is not a prick, or a christian, but a TRUE Theistic Satanist, one deserving of respect (not worship) and loyalty (not servitude from followers).

There is irrefutable proof that the Deity GM. Blackwood, and actually myself serve is the TRUE Satan, and if you have the ability to research, you will find it out there….. After all, Satanism is about opening your mind, learning new things, and EVEN finding the truth for once in your life. The research has been done by Scientists from a empirical standpoint, as in, they look at it for what they can actual see, not what some floating spirit SUPPOSEDLY said to them, and yes, that is a reference to Joy Of Satan….

“Father Satan (I prefer to call him Satan, personally), told me he has no problem with people calling him by the names he has been known by for centuries, even though they are inaccurate. I call him Father Satan whenever I communicate with him or thank him for something. To me “Satan” will always mean “adversary,” adversary to the enemy lie of Judeo/Christianity.”

This was taken directly from the Joy of Satan Website….Frankly among many of there lies, (Such as Satan being Enki, that they have a Library of Congress number….) they are not to be trusted.

There is no way for one person such as I or any other Reverend, Satanic High Priest, Magus, Magister, Magistra, etc, can dictate ANYTHING. We can surely teach and inform, but we do not control anyone. We may control a group for example, to keep people that will do nothing but argue over theological beliefs with us, but we dont force anyone to believe what we tell them to, or what we believe either. That is up to them.

I prefer to believe in the Sumerian story showing the progression of Ningashzidda ( as it is a perfect description of the worlds first real Religion. The facts contained there will shock even the most devout kool aid drinker from JoS, or BoS, or wherever.

I said all that to say this, I am throwing my lot in with the winning team, the Theistic Satanists, who are strong, organized, and sane….

Rev. James Nicholson II                                                                                                                      Photobucket