A Rebirth Of My Own Accord

First off – I have to explain something rather urgent – Yes I have recently gotten out of jail… however this does not make me a bad person – it is simply the way things happened at the time. I was arrested for a few charges HOWEVER these were dropped as they were unfounded. I was guilty of using a weapon – yes – but I must stress that this was a situation of self defense. The other person who was not involved – refused to leave the family home… He then attacked me and I attempted to defend myself. The court actions subsequent to my incarceration – and ETC have revealed as much – and have been modified to address the fact that I merely was using a weapon with a prior conviction… Which I might add, is my ONLY conviction in my 28 years on the Earth…. Not bad if I must admit…

However my wife and children where in no danger – the weapon was legally owned… It was simply a result of self defense – and everything has been determined as it should be.

You may be wondering where I am going from here? Perhaps you do not care? Either way – I will tell you….

Over the last 6 years – I was a Theistic Satanist… I was proud… I was vocal and public… BUT I was wrong… I have suffered loss after loss, grievance after grievance – and all for what? Nothing – this is not to say that there are not happy Satanists, or etc – HOWEVER this is to say that I have realized that this path is NOT for me. Is it because I think that everyone in the path is evil? No – Is it because I see myself as better than anyone? Not at all – It is because I do not personally believe it is right.

I was raised a Christian – and more specifically a Baptist… I ran from that – and amazingly, when I started running from that? Everything in the world in my life went downhill… I lost 2 children at birth – family heartaches… Health issues, job , issues – you name it? It happened… It all culminated in the night that I was almost killed in my home on September, 17 2015…  I made a choice while I was in jail – and that was after countless hours of soul searching, meditation and thought… I chose to go back to that which I was – and to the calling to which I was called – to be a Christian, and even more so – to be that which God called me to be all those years ago… An Evangelist…

I thank those who defended me in my absence.. Tim Waggoner – a loyal friend all these years who is now the Head of the Order of The Dragon and holds the power of all the organizations controlled by it. I cannot choose what path anyone who has been around me decides to follow – as that is not the way of the world. People choose their own paths – and that is theirs and theirs alone.

Tom Raspotnik – someone who I have allied with, feuded with, and been acquainted for years – also was defending me – and although after this information is posted, he will undoubtedly distance himself from me – I thank him, although I doubt there will be much friendship with him in the future. That will be his choice however – not mine.. I have no personal issues with anyone for the record. Except those who have such with me – which is their choice and not mine.

What people choose to say about me is not my concern – I will defend my actions – I will defend my sanity – and will do what is right for me and my family regardless of the cost.. I will be removing myself from all Satanic sites and groups throughout the internet – and all pages controlled by the Temple or Order will remain under the control of them – and they are free to do as they wish.. I make this decision of my own accord – under no duress or coercion… I will still fight for tolerance and justice among men – and will respect the choices of anyone and everyone involved…

Thanks for Reading –

James L. Nicholson II


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