Resignation from the Temples of Satan

As per article 12 of the Clergy Section of the Church of Theistic Satanism :

12. Clergy leaving agree to “turn-in” all confidential information and understand holding such information is subject to legal action by the National Church

All information pertaining to membership in the church has been destroyed, and is no longer in my presence. The constitution has no other requirement for leaving the position within the Church, and I will supply a copy of the Constitution to anyone who wishes to claim otherwise.

I have had too much of being lied to. There have never been even one fight between Tom and I, and I do not care about rumors.

My issue has been the recent 2 days, exposing the ToS to negative press and public discord that should not have been seen. No reverend/ex-reverend that left the church yesterday was rude, demeaning or disrespectful.  I will not however allow people with Faith in the Deity to be treated with such disrespect.

As Commandant of the S.S.A I am forced, not only by my own values, but by the Code of Conduct, to look at things neutrally, and ethically as a Reverend (although my superficial ordination by the TOS will be revoked out of anger now) I must not be biased to people or their opinions. I have examined the body of evidence and Tom is wrong.

I have backed him up regardless of the situation out of respect, but this can no longer be done. I will not help destroy the name of Satan, nor will I allow the S.S.A, something I have worked tirelessly on, be drawn into some view of being owned by Flagship Media Group. There is no piece of it owned by that “company” and claims to the Contrary are false.

I will not go into the long story behind any thing that has been said or done, and I will not bad mouth Tom or the Temple. However, should any false statements be brought out against myself, they will be answered, and I will answer them with truth.

My faith has not wavered, and I am not a sheep. I was once, and now I see the shepherds full colors. I was hoping to redeem the TOS after the hell it has been put through, but I cannot save it from itself.

I am starting my own movement, and it will move forward in 2 steps – opening the door for many others. I am not only reviving the original name I had started, but I am also starting a second group, dedicated to Occult Solidarity. The movement will have multiple prongs, and for example, has several different unity projects all rolled into one.

I know that I will be attacked by someone for it, as they will say that no one has been able to bridge the gaps, however I contend it is possible, and the idea that it will fail is grown by those who dont want to succeed. Those people are only out for their own goals, such as proving people wrong and trying to start fights.

That just will not do. Satan despises it, and He despises lies – as do I.


I speak for me and for what Satan would have me do – no other person must follow my words, all I ask is they be read for what the are worth.


This is has no effect on the S.S.A – as it remains to defend Satanists and all Occult followers.

I am now moving past the Temples of Satan – Satan is leading me, and I will not be deterred.

Hail Satan!

Hail Truth!

James L. Nicholson

Theistic Satanist – Human