Hate – The Downfall of Many

Hate – a word the evokes many different emotions and thoughts, is rampant in many parts of the world. It is typically fueled by political, religious and racial issues on the larger scales, and is despicable in all its forms. It is something that many would like to think is ingrained into the human heart and soul. I contend it is not pre-wired but rather pre-conditioned.

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Don’t You Get It?


I’ve been observing things from the shadows.. Watching the government play it’s games and I’m appalled.

I’m appalled at the division of the world at a religious level and upon understanding the mechanics of what is going on, the idea of tolerance is even more important today than ever before.

The government doesn’t hate your religions (Namely the Abrahamic factions).. It adores them! Without them, freedom would be worldwide and violence next to nothing. There would be nothing we couldn’t accomplish.

Instead, we have the problems we have daily.. No one will stand for public benefit, and the common good if it means they might have to stand next to someone who may have a differing religious view point. Hence, we as a race (the human race) are divisive and wasting away to nothing.. Fighting over the scraps that they want you to see.

I’ll let you figure this part out on your own.. If you can..


Hail Satan!
Hail the Great Dragon!
De ortu Satanae Populi!

AGM Nicholson

Praise be to…. What?


While we go on our daily path in the real world.. I see something reoccurring around me… Day in and day out.. The puppet victim game plays out non stop.

This is one of the defining factors I have personally noticed.. It is what is one of the largest “us v them” defining moments you will see..

Suffer now Happy Later

Ok… Yes no one enjoys pain and sorrow.. But imagine how pitiful your life is compared to some poor soul in war torn Africa? Some cold child who watched their family butchered by a Christian or Muslim faction just because… Now the beatitudes and bible quotes show up… But you can shove that crap.

The principle of living like crap on earth will reward you some how in the afterlife is essentially retarded… Honestly… Think about this as a human if you still can..

Why would you suffer if your god on high is master of everything? Should you not be ruling the universe etc? O, that comes later right? After some mysterious good vs evil battle…

So, instead of devoting millions of dollars spent on winning the lost to developing this planet for the betterment of mankind, it’s all to rack up that rewarded feeling after your rotting in the ground? Wonderful! How loving and benevolent!

Kill kill kill

This is what gets me most of all… The Abrahamic cults slaughter each other for absolutely no logical reason what so ever and have for a couple thousand years.. When they as a whole aren’t killing each other, they are killing those who don’t choose to be slaves to their tyrannical god.. Pick a name.. Doesn’t matter as they are all the same.

While recently the Christian monolith as a general whole has become more passive in recent years, we still see the fundamentalists claiming death on all those who they deem evil.. Aka Muslims, devil people, etc.. (Some people such as pedophiles, rapists, murderers etc should be killed IMO but I digress) why not simply just work to stop genocide period huh? Too much to ask? Of course it is… Cause “god said so”.

Secular tie in

While there are theists of all types and atheists as well who are sometimes just as vicious.. The thought occurred to me.. What is all of this going to accomplish?

With mankind reaching many scientific breakthroughs rapidly, religion as a whole is imploding in civilized society.. And the faster the better to be frank.. If one thing has hindered the progress of human growth it has been hands down, no contest, religion.. Old ancient religions evolved as people learned, however the new mainstream cults of the Abrahamic variety tend to not move forward with time.

With creationism, and the ilk of such constantly hindering the growth of even those in school today, we still have a long way to go before the last feelers of this cancer is weeded out..

After all, religion was always used to explain the unexplained… So it was essentially a early human security blanket..

So, the sooner it’s gone, the sooner we can grow up.

I’ve said before and will say it again.. Unlike most theists (especially monotheists) the moment science has proven that other life exists on other planets, or even proves the M-theory as solid? I’ll be one of the first to accept truth over fiction any day.

AGM Nicholson

Tolerance… The most sinister teaching

As you merrily go about your way, you can easily see people spewing hate at each other… Christians, Muslims, atheists, and the list goes on… And then, what do they do? Go running and crying to the first shoulder and media outlet when that hate is returned…

They can’t help it… It’s ingrained into their logic and thought process..

I don’t need to break down the complete list of every intolerant belief or teaching they hold on to, but I can say one thing that the Abrahamic paths share as an almost cardinal sin… Tolerance.

Everything they believe against, is to be shunned, ridiculed, “exposed”, destroyed, killed, and etc… Including the people that happen to fall into that category… Tolerance is like a hand grenade… No one wants to be so bad a (insert label here) to proudly say my friend, or my relative, is (insert label here) for fear of being ostracized…

Now, this would imply, that my being tolerant of anyone (as long as they be tolerant of me) makes me one of the most evil people on the planet.. LITERALLY!

This however does not mean I’m tolerant of violent, hateful morons such as Islamic terrorists (and the rest of the Muslim world that silently condone) or other religious zealots…

So, going by what the mainstream religions teach, tolerance is evil.. Why? Because it creates unity of man, which in the end has unlimited possibilities on this planet.. But wait! This planet to them is nothing but all theirs theirs theirs! To use as they want, cause they have a spiritual paradise set aside just for them….

If that makes me a degenerate, agent of evil and spawn of Satan?

Thanks for the compliments.. Have a great day with your hate.

AGM Nicholson

Second Chances

Last you heard from me I was announcing my return from a long and mostly bull crap absence… But that’s not the point nor is the reason really that important… The point is that I’m here.

While second chances have given me more than I can ever dreamed for, and have made me the happiest man in the world, on the highest levels it has awakened me to the true power that rests within the true occult path.. Specifically my own personal one.

With each gift one is given by the Deity however there is no free ride… And therefore my work load has increased a million fold… And I wouldn’t trade that which I have been given for anything on or off this planet…

There will be those coming after me to criticize my career, or some other bull, but the hysterical part is I don’t care in the smallest bit about what the average unemployed or ex con false teacher claims… (There are people who can’t work that I am not in any way including in that statement so don’t try to twist it)

Once things settle a little bit you will see much more of me and things will roll even better than before..

Don’t like that?

Do I care?

Have I ever?


Hail Satan!
Hall the great Dragon!

AGM James L. Nicholson II


Are You Ready?

Guess who? Yes… It’s me… Thought you’d never hear from me again didn’t you?

Well I’m sorry to disappoint you… It is nice to be back in action… The deity always makes the way.

Stay tuned… I have not returned without a purpose… And I will not be silent

My Facebook however is no longer accessible.. Morons won’t let me back on so I have created another one.. Same name.. Same me… Just nothing there… Yet

So welcome back to the infernal path.. The black flame burns as fierce as ever.. And it will not be hidden.

Hail Satan!
Hail the great Dragon!
Der ortu populi Satanae!

AGM James L. Nicholson II

Government Launches Assault On Religious Freedom

As Satanists and most assuredly theistic Satanists are well aware, being religiously persecuted is essentially part of the package. We are allocated nothing but disdain and ad hominem hatred, all because of the religious path we choose.

It is however unusual to hear about this happening to other faiths as well, especially one of such high political clout as Catholicism.


Recently on a base near you -

As reported in the link at the bottom of this article, due to the nonsensical government shutdown, chaplains of all faith are being told to shove their proverbial faith were it cannot be seen. Being threatened with everything to fines and imprisonment, and yet the world moves on.

While I know that many would say that the Christians or etc abrahamic paths deserve this, I say they do not. Not because I agree with anything they teach, but because this only leads to more control and more oppression of all faiths regardless of size or beliefs.

Without making an overt political statement here, there is a highly concerning trend this sets precedent for, and it would not be surprising to see such used against our small and disorganized community as well.

So what, we are used to hiding!

Scoff this all you want but you must realize that merely hiding is not sufficient if things get out of hand. After all, it is not as if we have several fellow Satanist’s everywhere who we may congregate with at times of need and hardship.. Our only place to turn to is the internet and very public displays of such. So as you can see, hiding in the event of a true government crackdown would be devastating to our cause.

The US Constitution gives us explicit rights to follow whatever path we choose free from government intervention of any kind. Yet we see them starting to take that away, and this will arguably be one of the biggest mistakes that the Federal government could have ever made.

What Can You Do

We are no doubt a minority of a minority my friends.. We have neither numbers or money backing us, and that doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon. We are spread across the globe, and separated by oceans, political divides, borders and even restrictions. But we are not powerless..

This main battle right now is in the United States, which is supposed to be a bastion for civil liberty and freedom. It can be fought, but it means that we must swallow our pride and be willing to work with others who we may not agree with.

Groups such as the Order of the Dragon, which functions as a priesthood will never back down from this debacle, as well as the Temple of Theistic Satanism. We will stand with those who support our rights and support theirs.. Regardless of their beliefs or unbelief. An enemy of my enemy is my friend…

Although the catholic priest in the below linked article would rather drown himself in holy water than accept this, I will too stand with him in defense of his freedom of religion so long as he would do the same for mine.

Wake up Satanism… Wake up general Occult community.. We are next..

Remember – who did Hitler go after? First he attacked the religions he didn’t like and then played favorites with the one he did.. Christianity.. This Hitler.. Obama… Is a Muslim, or a Muslim sympathizer.. We had better be careful for we will be in big trouble if this goes unchecked.

See the Original article – here

By Satan’s Honor,

Hail Satan!
Hail the Great Dragon!

De Ortu populi Satanae

AGM James L. Nicholson II

Concordia cum veritate capax infiniti

Luciferian Cyber-Magick Blessing

This is an interactive cyber-magick video. (Just repeat invocations as they appear on the screen.)

This is some of the newer stuff I’ve been working on, found in the free spells section also. The intention here is not to declare who Lucifer is, or what you should believe about Him, but rather to connect to various kinds of Luciferian magick using the invocations, and to bless you with them.

Read more at -the godgames project

By Satan’s Honor

Hail Satan!
Hail the Great Dragon!

De Ortu populi Satanae

AGM James L. Nicholson II

Concordia cum veritate capax infiniti

Story Time…. Part II

Its a balmy Saturday evening… Construction of the First Temple Of Theistic Satanism has been finished and signage etc has been put in place.

Despite several legal attempts by local Christian groups and associations, the government side with the temple, under grounds of religious freedom and equality.. Construction finisher without too much trouble, save for the occasional protestor or street preaching nut case.

The grand opening dedication ritual is set for this evening, and Satanist’s of all paths are arriving to attend this historic event, and several news organizations arrive to chronicle this undertaking.

The Satanist’s arrive peacefully, greeting each other respectfully, and all seems well..

A large bus, owned by the local ‘independent fundamental baptist church’ pulls up to the property, unloading a gaggle of ‘preacher boys’ all red faced and yelling.. Bibles thumping and voices rattling, they shout and hassle the arriving Satanist’s, who either joyfully flip them off or ignore them.

As the nut cases remain on the howl, a loud screeching noise is heard followed by several loud bangs.. Gunfire…

When the smoke clears, several Satanist’s lay dead or wounded, and a fire rages within the temple from  thrown Molotov cocktails… It happened fast, the preacher boys mock the wounded and deny seeing the assailant…

The local police chief, (a devout catholic) launched an investigation, but ties it into some supposed rival secret satanic sect, and closes the case without suspects.. Local churches denounce the incident, but claim it was gods wrath…

A Thought?

Notice a similarity between the original story time, and this one? Who are the aggressors? In each case it is not the Satanist’s fault, and yet who does the damage?

Perhaps it is a little much to claim that everything would end as messed up as this, however we live in a predominately christian nation, and unless the attacker was a Muslim, it would be placed squarely on the community who was attacked.. The Satanic community.

One aspect that this should raise awareness to is the need for us to be mindful of our surroundings as well as how much effort we put into our work.. It should be carefully planned and successfully defended at all costs..

This is one scenario the Order of the Dragon is working to prevent long before it happens.. For if the victims are known legally upstanding citizens, then those who did the act are more likely to be truly found, rather than covered up.

Will this situation happen, or will the first open temple be left to stand as it has the right to?

We shall find out..

By Satan’s Honor

Hail Satan!
Hail the Great Dragon!

De Ortu populi Satanae

AGM James L. Nicholson II

Concordia cum veritate capax infiniti