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Guess who? Yes… It’s me… Thought you’d never hear from me again didn’t you?

Well I’m sorry to disappoint you… It is nice to be back in action… The deity always makes the way.

Stay tuned… I have not returned without a purpose… And I will not be silent

My Facebook however is no longer accessible.. Morons won’t let me back on so I have created another one.. Same name.. Same me… Just nothing there… Yet

So welcome back to the infernal path.. The black flame burns as fierce as ever.. And it will not be hidden.

Hail Satan!
Hail the great Dragon!
Der ortu populi Satanae!

AGM James L. Nicholson II

Ancient Origins…

It has been said, not just by myself, but by others. It makes absolute sense, and seems to be ignored all too often.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel!

Perhaps this is to complex for some of those of lesser intelligence… How about, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Either way, we live in a time where people are trying to come up with something different, involving the same power and entities that have been present since the beginning of human civilization.

Throughout history, ancient cultures have assimilated each others beliefs, and thereby established a general similarity between old and new, keeping them alive through transference and evolution. In more recent times however, spawning in the early dark ages, older culture and ideals were twisted and corrupted.. even destroyed for the benefit of a single group attempting to centralize power over the masses.

Islam, for example, began as a political revolution behind Mohammed, and as it spread it destroyed the many religious and cultural areas through out the middle east. It demonized local and ancient entities, all under the name of the rise.of Islam and its establishment.

Christianity, also accomplished the same goals, as it destroyed the cultures of Europe as well as the areas of the world were it spread. It completely rewrote history to establish itself, as well as demolished the older and ancient religions and entities that came before it.

Some would like to claim that Judaism also accomplished this, however their existence is completely attributed to the history created by the Christian and Islamic machines of old. Their history and culture stands out from the absolutism instilled by the other Abrahamic cults. Judaism borrowed extensively from Sumerian and Egyptian culture, seeing as these two ancient cultures were the foundation to which their civilization is attributed.


Modernism, is the current state of our society. It is in a flux between science and religion. We see this in the rapid advancement of technology and science, versus the decisive decline of religious rule over every aspect of life. Granted this has been beneficial to the majority of mankind, it has left us lacking in the areas which involve matters of a spiritual nature.

I have had many a conversation with modernists of many different paths, and they all share one common theme… Lack of cohesion. Granted, they may be able to handle tolerance, or other modern forms, however when the issue is raised of the deity, or the spiritual, they scoff and debase. This makes for a rather weak individual. The ancients are brushed aside for more, less primal influences, and thereby make the person weaker.

Oftentimes, modernism seems to coincide with atheism, which although I respect the opinions of those with such thoughts, seems to be a lessening factor in matters of the paraphysical. Magic loses its strength when focused merely out of the power of the human will, and the becomes nothing more than free food for the lesser egregores that float through the other/spiritual.

The apathetic nature of the modernist to the needs and ambitions of the theistic minded is well known, although there are those who deserve such treatmemt.. for example, the Westboro Baptist Church nut jobs… People such as these use the belief in a deity to commit jnspeakable stupidity, and thereby make all theists seem moronic to the modernist.

While I personally do not care what the opinion of the modernist is, I have to be mindful if their large numbers.. As in the olden days, there is strength in numbers – at least in the physical realm.

The New Age

This is a fairly common term to encompass the more recent developments in spiritually geared areas. Granted most of these movements are lacking in strength, they do have a fairly well thought out grasp on the ideals of tolerance.

The new age movement typically does not include Satanists, however there are some rather less powerful people who use the title. They are drawn to the “rainbows and lollipops” picture of the occult that is painted therein. Its a nice idea, but farther from the truth than people wish to admit.

New Age occultism, at least in my experience is a variation of buddhism, eastern mysticism. While these paths may offer some positive influences to ones own journey, I would say that to the true spiritual realm there is no benefit. As far as Satan is concerned, there is hardly any benefit on any level. You have to make your own choices, however I have personally found the older, the more powerful, and thereby more accurate.

The new age movement has encompassed Christianity on many fronts, namely the liberal movements in the various churches. These have softened our own enemies to the point where many Christians do not even believe in a Satan.. while disrespectful to my Deity, it protects our people from the not fanatical element that would do us harm. These more liberal Christians are more willing to defend our own rights, and safety, over their own more fundamentally challenged brethren. (Nothing funnier than watching Christians fight over the local Satanist… And watching some defend them)

Why Theistic Satanism

I am asked this question by nearly everyone I come into contact with.. While it does make things a little more complicated, it is worth it.

Theistic Satanism, is the root of the spiritual. Power of real magnitude flows from within its boundaries, and influences everything around it.. seen and unseen. There is no religion, path, or faith older than Theistic Satanism, and its roots are dug deep within the original human culture – Sumeria.

Some have claimed that merely using the moniker of Satan to address our deity is a link to the more recent abrahamic cults.. Research into the ancient cuneiform has shown that the title, which is what it is, predates Judaism, into Sumer. Hence, it is they who have taken our name.

The power that lies within the soul of a Theistic Satanist is one of the most primordial that can be found, as the ancients will, and the power of.mankinds original defender, Satan, is tied into it. The empowering the individual with a power not found within the mainstream. It takes time, and dedication to tap this power, but is indeed worth the effort.

Following the deity that freed mankind from slavery gives the Theistic Satanist a sense of pride in the face of danger, courage on the eve of destruction, and hope in the darkest hours.. its strength has been felt by those of all other paths, and has existed the Infernal Wrath of Satan on many an unassuming enemy.. leaving them destroyed completely.. and nothing can be done to stop

I have personally seen the power of Satan reach through the so called power weilded by the Christian god.. lthey have no strength, and I have taken priests down in the past and recently, with the mere thought of their demise, they are visited by demonic warriors.. and no crucifix has saved one of them yet.

Just recently I helped a young lady whose parents decided that her being invloved with the occult had to go. While I personally had no contact with the woman, those thay did have contact with her and me, were able to relay messages to her on how to withstand the brutal brainwashing used by the catholics. Spiritual warfare is not exclusively set aside for the christians to use, as the Theistic Satanist is even more prepared and armed for such battles.

The community of Theistic Satanism however, does not reflect this strength however, as it is rife with stupidity and fraud. There is a psychotic person trying to start some maniacal cult.. All the while, the real efforts, such as the OTD amd TOTS become muddled in drawn out skirmishes with inner retards and morons…

The Ancients would be ashamed of our use of the deities and their power against one another… However this seems to be all that many are capable of. The eternal power of the Dark King must be respected, lest He choose to.abandon those claiming to be real.

Closing Thoughts

We live in a time of growth and turmoil.. the stage is being set for a great movement within Satanism, and more precisely Theistic Satanism… The OTD is poised to lead the charge, but the will of the people has to match that of Satan, lest we be drawn down in a hail of inner rifts and fighting.

I also want to give a word to my growing number of supporters, including those down in New Mexico… A clan of friends that are considered allies of the Order and the Deity. Especially one special one…

Infernal Blessings to all who pass this way.. and receive them with an open heart and mind.

Hail Satan!
Hail the Dragon!

De ortu populi Satanae!

AGM James L. Nicholson II
Order of the Dragon

A Future Project

I am currently working on a completely educational project, to supplement my work on Satanipedia, which has been overtaken by spam and insane people since my lack of full internet access came upon me.

This coming project will present information of a purely informative point of view, as well as rituals, tools and etc. There will be no commentary on any issues within the community, as they are to be saved for this site and the Satanic Liberation Front, along with another project in the works.

The Goal

The goal, is to present information that people are searching for, without them having to visit the sites of those whom are tainted within our community, and attempt to control it – while not being part of our path at all. It will not slam anyone,  or anything, just present information and knowledge.

I look forward to working on this project…

Hail Satan!
Hail The Dragon!

AGM James L. Nicholson II
Infernal High Priest



Official Symbols of the Order

Your Life in Satan

Satan, the ruler of the Darkness beckons, and very few seem to truly hear or see this. Granted there are those who play a good part, taking the time to join the Church of Satan, wear a pentagram and say .”Hail Satan”, but what are they really doing? Are they doing such to be cool or rebellious? Are they taking the time to look at the basics of Satanism as a whole? Typically the answer to this, for most people in our community would be a resounding NO.

Before you accuse me of saying that someone is not a Satanist, pay attention to what I am truly saying….. Not just what you want to hear.

Satanism and You
Satanism has a very unique quality when left undisturbed by morons… It is the most individualistic paths in the world today, second only to atheism. There are even Satanists who me are more atheist than Satanic. Stemming from the Propaganda that forces children to go to the local indoctrination camp (aka Christian schools and etc) we see that Satanism has been used to describe everything from witchcraft to paganism. This, while correct by flawed biblical nonsense, is incorrect when looking at Satanism from within the path itself.

Granted, we use withcraft, and other tab boo occult arts,but not everyone who uses such are Satanists or closely related to one either.

The Christian bible makes it very clear that anything not of “god” is of Satan. This wide blanket is more than enough to establish our path as unique and isolated.  This causes more problems than needed for those in our community without any help whatsoever.

Satanism is essentially the scape goat for everything that is wrong in the world today.

While there are a small minority of idiots who enjoy such negativity, the vast majority if people in our community do not.

Satanism should be something that we choose without any form of stupid advertisement, as that is an offense to the master. We choose to be what we wish, based on our own spiritual path.

The Satanic Atheistic Current
Beneath the talk of Dark Lords, and great hellish beings, there is always a shred of doubt. Doubt that these creatures exist beyond what humanity makes them to be. Essentially making humanity the god, and everything else a delusion.

Before you label me an atheist, think about this. Why would an all powerful entity, considered to be capable of almost everything and anything, be concerned with specs like us?

Even at our strongest and most enlightened we are pitiful little apes with no more common sense than a flea. We still suffer from over inflated egos, delude ourselves into thinking we are kings and queens of some ancient empire.

Humanity has a giant flaw, and that is pride. We gain power and become as corrupt as those we seek to oppose. I have seen this recently in our community, as someone who had been defending that which is right became just as totalitarian as he whom he despised. This is humanities curse, and these un Satanic fools are too deluded to see this.

Parting Thoughts
One key to success is humility in the face if ignorance. I have made mistakes in the past and have admitted to such. I am not perfect, however there are some who need to take a look in the mirror before pointing a finger at me.

I am no king, and really neither are you. We are all equals, and those who are leaders in our community are to be no better than those who choose to follow them. It is not Satanic to be a dictator, as that us what Christians search for…. The tyrannical priest to feed the sheep.

I may have my flaws, but so do you. When you remember thus, perhaps you may gain back the favor you have list with Satan, and even the community.

Hail Satan!
De Ortu Populi Satanae!

James L. Nicholson II

Temple Of Theistic Satanism
Order of The Dragon


Satanic Tyrants

This question seems to only recently need be asked, however it is sad to say that it does indeed need to be answered.

Perhaps, it is easy to say one line in response to this, however where would the problem be solved? Wound anyone learn anything? The answer to this, would be no where, and NO.

Continue reading

Ancient Knowledge

Satanic Ritual Tools and Ideas

Most websites dedicated to Witchcraft, or any other form of the occult, contain a area dedicated to tools that one can use for rituals, spells, or other actions or effects. This will be no different, however some may be more strict in their requirement of you to have certain objects and items for specific uses. This will not be as such, and will be written with as many suggestions, and also an opinion or two to help you make better choices based up on your situation, need, and ability.
The Altar, one of the most sought for items at the beginning of ones path, is actually one of the easiest to gain. The Altar, the focal point for many in their rituals and workings, is something of a misnomer in its importance, and sometimes looked at with a little more reverence than it is indeed due. This listing will not be just about an altar, or what you should do to get one – but rather help you in your quest to evolve in the path you have chosen -

Regardless of what that may be -

The Altar

The Altar, is used in the activities of many of not only The Satanic Bible’s different rituals, but also some written about by other occult authors such as Konstantinos, and others. Although many have written about it vaguely, merely stating that you should have a certain set up of candles at least, and maybe some symbols relevant to your choosing – they are still described as a ornate symbol of your devotion, and can become that in time and through much effort.

The Altar serves not only as a place to hold your ritual items, symbols, and other tools – it also functions as a focal point of your Magical, Spiritual, and mental energy – from all of the power you invest in it, the workings you perform on or near it, and the willpower you imbue onto it. IT can become symbolic of your strength, and a place of great energy and power – whether you are a Spiritual, Theistic, or LaVeryan Satanist – it is someplace that you will be close to – even when you are far away from it.

Some Basic Ideas

There are many opinions on the set up, and design of what a Satanic Altar should look like. The Satanic Bible, suggested that the Satanic altar should be a naked woman whenever possible, and that this was to represent the carnal roots of Satanism, and the idea that the religion of man had made our own carnal desires sinful. This is in line, with  LaVeyan Satanism, which is Atheistic in nature, and indulgent in action.

Another description, on if a woman is not available, or impractical for the Altar, then a special Trapezoidal altar may be used for ritual work. Although this is yet another possibility, I am unsure if the average Satanist will be able to come up with, or make, an altar of such shape and recommended requirements.

Should you not be able to accommodate the above suggestions, this is not the end of all hope for the prospect of your having a Satanic Altar. Other Occult paths have similarities in the respect of an Altar – some having ornate suggestions involving Crystals, or other items, however the set up of your altar is completely up to you.

Below are some ideas that may get you started on a path to a functioning altar if that is your wish -

A Table

Although you may think of an altar as a large stone or heavy wooden structure, that looks as if it was carved from an ancient tree or mountain, an average table no bigger than a nightstand or card table can function just as well. The average coffee table can work as well, unless your rituals are performed in more of a standing posture than that of sitting or kneeling. If you are one whom likes to do your rituals and workings more from the standing posture, you may be able to find a drafting table. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, ranging from elaborate to self built plywood set ups. You do not have to buy any, nor am I advertising for the website, but some ideas can be found HERE.

Appropriate Covering

Perhaps you now have a table that you have decided to make your altar – lets now stop thinking of it as a ‘table’ and from henceforth only call it your altar. (This will help in the charging of it with magic and spiritual energy, as you are already associating it with power and ritual) As you look at your altar, look at the design of it, the colors and the markings. PErhaps it has some sort of damage on its surface that makes it not as appealing to look at as you would hope – or perhaps it is a brand new item you purchased or built yourself – regardless of its age, or condition, take in the entire look of it, and decide what you feel or wish it to look like. Perhaps you wish to see it draped in a long black cloth, or another color you find empowering – regardless of your preferences, it is very simple to do this without spending a lot of money – if you need to at all.

Most towns or cities, have an arts and crafts store within them, and these stores often have a large section of fabric that can be purchased for a fairly reasonable prices. (To decide what you truly want, you may have to look around at the selection, and then decide based on what you feel is appropriate as well as cost effective for you) Purchasing the fabric direct, is much cheaper than ordering from an occult store or other source. These covers, can then be modified through embroidery (if you know how, or have a shop in your area that is willing to do it for you) or staining to have the symbolism and design that you truly want – and then you have the ability to have much more power in the altar – as you had a hand in its very creation. You can use any symbols you feel empowered by, whether it be a serpent, baphomet, pentagram or other symbol. The Sword – When reading The Satanic Bible, one sees in the ritual descriptions and ideas the use of a sword – the symbol of might and power for thousands of years. This item, although a treasure coveted by most if not all Satanist’s, is not a necessity – and should not be taken as such.

Use of a sword, is to symbolize might, and function as a way to focus the energy of ones magic, will, or used as charged with the power of Satan (or other Infernal Deity of choice). When starting out to set up ones Altar, it is not required to have a sword, and if you are not 18, it may even be illegal for you to posses one, let alone own one.If you are unable to purchase or posses a sword, either because of you age, local laws, finances, or unavailability in your area, then you may find an alternative. You can use a staff, wand, or even finger armor. Regardless of your choice, the item can be used in the place of a sword, and can be just as effective, even if not as fancy.

NOTE: Check you local laws before trying to purchase a sword of any kind, regardless of your age – some localities may restrict the type or size of the sword, and even the age required to own/posses one. The Temple of Theistic Satanism does not condone breaking any law in order to obtain a sword.

The Dagger/Athame

In many different books, rituals, and other websites, you can see mention of the use of a dagger – or Athame, in rituals and magical workings. This is something that can be looked at as similar to the sword in its uses, although some writings may claim that they are even used for drawing blood.

If you do not have the ability to purchase a full fledged athame, or dagger – you can use the same principle as mentioned in regards to the sword – If you are able to acquire a hunting knife, (depending on your situation, this may be easier than a sword) you by all intents and purposes can use a hunting knife. In such a case, I would not use the hunting knife for hunting once you begin its life as an athame, however this is just my opinion on the reverence of the ritual tools.

NOTE: If you are looking for an athame in regards to using your own blood in a ritual or working of any kind, I would personally NOT recommend using an athame. Instead, I would recommend a clean and disinfected razor, OR needle. The reason is because despite Christian opinion, you DO NOT need large amounts of blood, and technically you do not need any at all. It is a personal preference to use such – even if a spell requires such for a part of yourself to be mixed into the working, you may even use your own spit in place of the blood. It is not the dark ages any more, and we now know that the blood is just that – blood – it is not a mystical liquid. DRAW BLOOD AT YOUR OWN RISK – DO NOT claim to be representative of Satanism or the Occult, and do not be surprised if you are under age and get sent to a doctor for such practices. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!


In every aspect of occult information, whether it be on your altar, or spread around your home/room, candles are mentioned almost constantly. As you may know, there are many different types of candles, some big some small – ornate candles with a Baphomet carved into it, or otherwise ordinary candles. The type of candle you choose to use is completely up to you, and the colors are almost as flexible.

Within Satanism, and more broadly the Occult in general, black candles have been popularly associated with most workings, (perhaps more so in Satanism than the occult) due to their symbolism and power. The color black, is typically associated with strength, protection and the dark energy of the Black Flame, but not evil. Using black candles is one way to bring more power into your workings, but it is not the only powerful color you can use.

Red, is also a powerful color, being a symbol not only of fire (as all candles technically are as they are used through fire anyway) but also a symbol of raw energy, and in times of necessity, anger. Red can also be used to foment strength, as well as protection.

The rest of your choices are up to you – as there may be another color you wish to use, such as purple for its psychic properties, or silver for its mental properties. You can use as many or as little candles as you wish – make them yourself, or otherwise. Black candles can sometimes be difficult to come across, as the majority of people will see them as unnecessary and either not want them sold nearby, or will not sell them in their stores. It can be touch and go when looking for such things, and even finding an Occult supply shop can be an arduous task.

Symbols can be the most heavily debated part of ones altar or ritual area. There are almost as many occult symbols as their are occult practitioners, ranging from general symbols like the Pentagram or Pentacle, to sigils and personally designed seals. These can be significant for their designated purposes, meant for certain rituals, or open certain doorways – however whatever the case may be, some are merely chosen based upon the personal selection of the individual.

The Satanist, is most often associated with the upside down star within a circle, and often containing a goats head within the star. This is known as the Sigil of Baphomet, when it contains the Hebrew script for Leviathan within a ring around it. Although it can be used without the lettering, the principle design is the same. Some, do not use the symbol as such, and settle for a mere Pentagram, which is the upside down star within a circle.


A pentagram, is a five point star, with the single point turned down, and the two bottom points turned up within a circle. This has been described as being defiant as horns jutting up towards the heavens, and as a symbol of bringing the power of the cosmos/universe down to mankind. I personally prefer the second description, as it fits with my path – however the choice is yours on how you see the symbol.

A pentacle, is a five point star, in the upright position, also within a circle. Most often associated with Paganism, or more frequently Wicca, it has been described as the opposite of the Pentagram, and also symbolic of the goddess by some people. Regardless of the description by different people, I have used this symbol to represent the sending of power/energy away or to an entity or deity. (Note: This is not to say that a deity would need my own energy, however I personally feel that it is something that I should do, and it is not required or deemed necessary for everyone) Using a pentacle as such does not mean you are NOT a Satanist, and it is free to be used at your discretion, or not at all.

A common theme of the star, is its symbolism of knowledge and power – as well as representing the elements, as well as the Crown Princes of Hell (as per The Satanic Bible) or other deities/entities. Another use of the pentagram or pentacle is in banishing rituals, blessings, invocations/evocations, and other activities. They can be used to bring protection or destruction, as well as open a doorway or seal one shut. They are a powerful item, and something that I recommend each and every Satanist (and occultist for that matter) have in some form or another.

The pentagram/pentacle can also be used a jewelry, decoration, and other things of the sort. They are typically recognizable by most within the general public as ‘our symbol’, and for the public to see them worn proudly is a small way to gain more respect. As jewelry, they can also double as charms, that we have charged with the power of our magic, Satan (or other Infernal Deity or Deity of choice) to increase our abilities inside, and outside the ritual area.

While this is by no means an all inclusive list of the tools and items one can have around and upon the altar – it is some suggestions that you can take and use as you see fit. Whether you wish to include a gong, or bell, a skull or snake, the complete design and layout is totally up to you, Some people include incense burners, cauldrons and even dark mirrors – they all contribute to the personal thoughts, beliefs, paths and preferences of the practitioner.

Other Ritual Items

This section covers items that may or may not be included around your altar. These are items you may use during, before, or after your spells and workings. The reason these are as such, is because the magical power that one holds, and the activities that one performs, are just as important as those performed on or near your altar. Magic and the power of Satan is not tied to your altar, nor your ritual area – these are just special places where this energy can be focused.

Satanic Attire

Magic garb, is something that one wears during rituals and other magical activity. Perhaps you have a cloak that you use during meditation or ritual, this can also be worn outside of such actions for the benefit of the practitioner.

The Satanic Bible indicates that a Satanist should wear a black hooded robe, inside the ritual chamber – (it also implies that women should dress provocatively when at all possible.) regardless of the source of your information, a black hooded robe or cape is something that most Satanists look to have, and use for such purposes. These can also be charged with a protective energy, and can be worn outside of your rituals, and other times.

There are other colors (as mentioned under Candles above) that represent different energy and ability – so your cape or robe can reflect these as well. Perhaps you do not have access to a cape or robe, but you are able to come into a trench coat or other black (or the color of your choice) apparel that you wish to use in the above mentioned manner.. This is indeed acceptable, as it is not necessarily about the actual clothes you wear, but what is in them. You and the power they contain is what is most important.

In day to day life, some think that a Satanist should always wear black, or imitate Goth Pop Culture. While there is nothing wrong with these philosophies, it is not a requirement. A Satanist can dress however they deem appropriate, and what ever is comfortable for them. You should never be afraid to show who or what you are, when it is safe enough to do so.

A Grimoire/Book of Shadows

The journal, spell book, and outlet for the Satanic/Occult mind, is something that most people within the community should posses. Some have said that such a book is secret and only to be used and viewed by its owner, and others have said it can be the opposite. I find this to be personal preference, as it can be just as powerful either way.

They can be used to chronicle the rituals of the practitioner, the spells that one has written – even the Satanic or Occult musings that one may have. It is a special item, that can give more power to your workings, as well as help you maintain an organized pattern in your actions and workings. They are optional, but many people like to keep such a record.

There are many items that one can use, and adapt to their own purposes. There is no set requirement of what one should use, and no one can say that their opinion on what can be used is more important than another. It is all up to the person to decide what they wish to use.

Spell Specific Items

You may, in the course of your journey and searches find certain spells and rituals that are written in such a way that they require some things you may not have – perhaps a certain form of herb or wood that represents something in particular, and this is normal. However, there is nothing set in stone saying that you MUST have these items.

The typical occult store may have generally all of the crystals, stones, herbs, incenses or other things you may need, however they are not always necessary.

In magic, there is sometimes too much significance placed on ‘stuff’ rather than the power itself. An item can be charged with energy, or set aside for certain uses, or even assigned certain properties without it being a specific item. Sometimes, the act of associating an item with a certain property, or benefit, is enough to endow it with that property.

For example, let us say that you need a lucky coin or other item for a certain objective or outcome – this is simple to accomplish, as all you need to do is come up with the item you wish to use, and then dedicate it, either through meditating on it, or even performing a small ritual with it. Some people have had success just determining it to be for its certain purpose, and that having the necessary power for it.

You may come across a spell asking for pictures of items or people, drawings, or certain types of paper, herbs or other things. The best way to handle these situations, is to get the closest you can find to what is recommended. You may be able to get the exact request, but if not you can perform the same spell or ritual without much modification. Always remember that it is the magic and power behind the spell and ritual – not just the stuff you use in it. A Final Note

Whether you are invoking a spirit or casting a spell, you do not have to take everything that someone says as the best way to accomplish your goals. Whether they claim to be the best magician in the world, the most powerful wizard, or endowed with power from Satan Himself, always remember that any thing is possible for almost anyone who attempts to try hard enough.

When someone claims that Satan has chosen them to be the ‘best of the best’, always remember that Satan does not play favorites, and He empowers those who are loyal and devout to Him. Take your time, and be vigilant. Use your imagination and some common sense along the way, and you will become a veteran at the Dark Arts, and the Black Flame will burn just as strong within you, as in me.

De Ortu Populi Satanae!

James L. Nicholson II

Temple of Theistic Satanism
The Order of The Dragon

The Multi-Verse Theory – Destroys Monotheism

Before I continue with this article, let me state this much – I am not a scientist. I do not claim to be a expert on the Multi verse Theory, but it is something I am learning. The title I am choosing fort this blog, is because in my opinion it DOES destroy monotheism, as it makes the universe much more fluid and flexible, making it impossible for the rigid views of 99% of the monotheistic community. Even including Creationist Satanists. These theories actually provide a way to explain our existence, and this is something that science has been searching for since its birth.


Read more at – Real Theistic Satanism

Should Theistic Satanism Be Egotistical? Originally Posted April 2011

I often ponder the ‘air’ around Theistic Satanism, looking at the attitudes, and the many different faces that claim to be completely, or in part Theistic Satanism. I have to include Pantheistic Satanists as well, as they are merely one part of the Greater Umbrella that is Theistic Satanism. I constantly am looking at the different people inside, who are always proclaiming one thought process or another. One thing I have noticed however is the commonality between those who are what I will call True Theistic Satanists.

There are some right now, trying to nail up a list of components that make up a Theistic Satanist, tying everything to one name or concept. I cannot however accept this as accurate, personally, because there is much more to Theistic Satanism than some dogmatic, strict theocracy. Satanism itself is gigantically dynamic, containing Atheists, Humanists, Luciferian-Satanists, Pagan-Satanists, etc etc. Theistic Satanism is just as dynamic, as its main focus is the belief in Satan as a literal deity/entity. This is going strictly by word usage and literal meaning. One cannot ‘add on’ requirements as to what one must do to be considered a Theistic Satanist. That fits into the same line of thought as the Catholic church, who decides what is ‘accepted’ as Christian to them and its devotees.

The Ego, which is rather easily over grown, is found on a case by case, person by person basis. Some have huge ego’s, that blind them to their surroundings, bordering on delusions. There are others who have no Ego, pushing them into a follower role, keeping them blind to the teachings or thoughts outside whatever is given to them. These are the two largest difference in the ego, the last is the middle of the road so to speak. The healthy Ego is one that is proud of themselves and their beliefs, yet is not afraid to be shown opposing ideology or theory that may prove them wrong.

Unhealthy Ego

Ego in Theistic Satanism, that follows along the path of the over blown, is in my view more dangerous than in the Atheistic Satanic scene. This is due to the fact that Theistic Satanism is an ever growing and changing field, one without monolithic doctrines. There is no room for a large dictatorial regime, defining what is and what is not a Theistic Satanism. The only defining area is whether or not the follow the aspect of Satan being literal. This can be taken differently by the individual as well, whether they think Him to be the creator, their fellow traveler, or the more open ended idea of Him being in many different paths at once.  There are many people who follow different aspects of Satan, however regardless of claims to the contrary I would recognize them as Theistic Satanists.

This may bring to mind the ‘reverse Christian’ who actually even has more than one aspect as well. There is the the one who attempts or at least claims to follow the biblical definition of Satan, and there is the one that pushes Christian style control into the system. I am referring however to the one that is following the so-called biblical Satan.

Those who follow the biblical Satan, are in essence a form of Theistic Satanism, no matter how loudly they scream they are not. They are however, merely by definition and meaning, not necessarily by label. They typically are labeled as Traditional, or Orthodox Satanists, and typically what is considered evil is what the use as their way of life. This is not something that is common however, and although it gives the Christian hate mongers something to buzz about, they truly do nothing but stereotype Satanism for the outside. They are usually not accepted inside the community, as they typically denounce the rest of the Community is even following Satanism.


Parasitic Satanists – They Need our Help

The other form of ‘reverse Christian’ inside Satanism, is the most subtly damaging. While they are not out (typically) causing violence and promoting hate,  they do however bring in a semi-parasitic atmosphere to the community. I wont say this is entirely their fault, however I will give my theory on the cause.

The parasitic Satanist is someone who unintentionally is following a thought form. Thought forms are created by one or many with enough will power. This is what manifests the semi-spiritual experiences that they tend to have. The same can be found in many different sects of the Occult. One cannot necessarily fault them for such, as they are typically, and truly experiencing things that lead them to believe they are genuine. This is why it is imperative to not judge the persons claims. The way to telling whether or not it is a thought form is the actions which the belief cause.

This may sound a bit conflicting, however I can explain.  Its not the persons beliefs that are necessarily wrong, it is the actions. This is to only be judged based on the “fruits” it produces. If they are working for the good of their fellow Theistic Satanist, and frankly for the rest of Humanity as a whole, then regardless of their beliefs, they should be respected. Now, should the beliefs drive actions of division, hate and ignorance, then we have an issue.

The typical parasitic thought-form promotes the worst aspects of religion, and they show through to those with pure intentions. The parasite is not the person necessarily, although they may be part of the problem. Keeping the neutral eye in dealing with people, not jumping all over their faith nor conviction is the key. Their actions and how they treat the world around them is a reliable way to determine thought-form from an aspect of Satan.  Parasitic Thought-forms are most likely to bring cult like leaders and groups into the foray of Theistic Satanism, which is why we must be careful.


In Closing

Some will claim I am saying that this is how to say “they are right” or claim “they are wrong” however, it is merely an attempt by me, to lend a hand in keeping the community safe, and raise awareness. Theistic Satanism draws a large assortment of individuals, most of which are great people, however there are a few that are beginning to appear as extremists. This is what we must do our best to avoid, and it is my aim to help give the Theistic Satanism community a place were there can be freedom from such things.

There will be a place for the healthy ego as anywhere, but there need not be some form of dictator to have a strong movement, and in my building of the Temple of Theistic Satanism, I am not seeking grand displays of leadership, but rather a united community of Theistic Satanism, working in tandem with my other project, the Occult Temples of America, and the Satanic Temples of America. These both will function as places for all paths respectively to come together for the benefit of each other and themselves in a civil and mature fashion.

If I never gain more than 3 members, or I have over 2000, I will never change my self or my goals. I aim to do what I can for the betterment of Theistic Satanism, and everyone else who is on an Occult path – even trying to help humanity as a whole isnt a bad thing either.


De Ortu Populi Satanae!

James L. Nicholson II
Temple of Theistic Satanism

NOTE- Was originally posted on a Temple of Theistic Satanism blog, that was lost due to Server crashes. 

The Official Seal of the Temple of Theistic Satanism

My Satanic Theory And Perspective –

The Official Seal of the Temple of Theistic Satanism

While I define many things I see as messed up in the community and world in general, I have not spent a lot of time on my own beliefs and thoughts on Satanism as a whole. What it truly means to me, and what I am working towards it becoming. My world view, political view, and theological views have changed much over the last several months, and it is about time I put it forward to the world and community.

Take this as personal opinion, not ‘the inspired word of Satan’ as this is not something that I am forcing anyone to believe or share with me.


Satanism, I see personally as a many faceted path, for many different people within the community. Some see it as a Theocracy, and others see it is totally independent, while I personally see it as an amalgamation of many different ideologies and thought patterns all rolled into one.  This mixture of thought process has given rise to a rather diverse view of Satanism for my own path – and I would like to share it with you.

1. I believe that Satan is a Literal Deity –  While this by definition makes me a Theistic Satanist, I am not on the same page as all Theistic Satanists. While I indeed do believe in Satan as a real entity and Deity, I also believe Him to take many forms and aspects, without being confined to one strict characteristic or being. The name ‘Satan’ is something I personally look at more as a Title than an actual name, encompassing any deity that fits the aspect of ‘Satan’ that it is portraying.

While I indeed believe in the existence of Satan, I also am not above the possibility of this someday being proven false by science. The scientific community is always expanding, and some day they may have a description for the Spiritual and all things there in, that makes ‘deities’ and the like nothing more than extra-dimensional entities. Some may claim that this makes me NOT indeed a Theist, however, my belief in the Deity and His/their existence, is not something that I have doubt in. Science may simply explain who they truly are at some point in the future.

I do not believe there to be only one deity that can be called upon or used, as such a monotheistic belief is a product of Zoroastrianism and also Judaism. I have the main deity in my path of Satan, and there are others whom I have no problem using should the need arise. This would encompass any and all of the ancient Gods and Goddesses. Satan is not one whom I feel is the answer to all of our personal problems, as there are other Deities, and even Demons and other spiritual entities that can indeed help us help our selves.

2. I believe Satanism to be a Path of Enlightenment, and advancement, rather than domination –  Some may point to this as an idiotic or path specific ideology, however I see it as distinctly devoted to Satanism FOR Humanity. While I do not attempt to back this up through stretched guesses of Ancient texts, I do however use common ground and thought processes to establish this belief.

One thing that I have learned, is that what is Satanic, is very broad and in many areas, applies to what is deemed Satanic by the Mainstream community. Perhaps this is in part because of Satan Himself as a title being born out of Judeo-Christian beliefs, is tied to some things that are deemed as such. Despite what some claim, you cannot have Satan without Christianity and Judaism. This would be only possible through being Pagan, and this would not be Satanic, except of course, by Christian definition.

Following the above mentioned principle, I believe that it is utterly Satanic to have a united planet. Humanity working to better itself, expand its knowledge, its capability, and diminish its ignorance. This would fit the bill as Satanic, and would solve 90% of humanities issues with one another.  This will fill in with my later described political ideologies as of recent.

3. Satanic Unity – Some may see this as impossible, and I have even outlined an opinion on how it could be established, however technically it does not need any special pomp and circumstance to be unified. This would mean that regardless of the Sect of Satanism, they would be able to count on their Satanic brethren across the spectrum for support, knowledge and assistance if need be. Our community is exceptionally small, especially compared to other Occult paths. It is made even smaller by the division of the people through dogmas and edicts.

Satanic Unity, would not involve some massive hierarchy that dictates to the entire community anything, but rather the formation of a tight-knit community, that can speak as one voice, one passion, and one meaning. Whether we be Theistic, spiritual, Humanist, Atheist or what have you, we can all work for the betterment of our people in general. Be it freedom from oppression and discrimination, working to solve problems and sharing each other knowledge freely to the community – this is all something we can all benefit from. No dictators would be installed, and there would be no one with more power (physically) than anyone else – we are all Human, and we all bleed red – there is no difference in people. (Spirituality not included in this aspect, I will explain later in this article more on this aspect of spirituality.)

4. It is a personal journey – free from dictation –  I tend to think of Satanism as a path of the person, rather than that of the group per se. I do however not think that all groups or organizations of Satanists should be shunned – although there are some that should be. Satanism cannot be forced to conform to the group thoughts or patterns, as Satanism is built by each individual themselves. A temple, or order, regardless of the title or otherwise, should be something that is not created to control others, or bring the founder fame, or fortune. It should be to help the people of the community with things that one cannot do on a personal level.

The benefits of a Temple, are varied, and are not something that should be used as leverage, regardless of the situation. Rooted in ancient culture, and poisoned by the Catholic church and its offspring, a Temple is to be something that is not controlling others, but rather assisting people wherever able and necessary. A collection of people, pursuing common goals and wishing to have each other’s companionship is not something that is necessary, but a Temple can allow the people someplace to go for advice, knowledge of all things Satanic, the benefits of a Priest, and other things of such a nature.

A temple, is not something that controls, monopolizes or controls our people – this is a Christian philosophy. The Temple Priests, are not divine speakers for Satan, nor are they shepherds, they are merely people who are enabled to legally counsel people, marry people, bury people, assist law enforcement and doctors, and other abilities that the average person does not have the ability to do. There are no prophets, or ‘great leaders’ whom are to guide everyone in one direction or another. There is no one whose word is more credible than another (unless a track record shows someone to be an habitual liar, fraud or other things.) and should be looked at as a direct line to Satan. This is not possible nor is it able to be trusted.

I personally have started my own temple, however it is not something that I allow to make myself look like a big grand poo baa of Satanism. I take it as a responsibility to present the option of the Temple to others, and if they do not join it, that is their free will and is respected. No one is ever turned away, nor required to be a member to receive assistance or help should they need it- Nothing is gained by me operating such an organization, as there is no legal paperwork in place to allow it to accept donations, nor will they be required of anyone in the first place. That however, is outlined in other places, and I have no need to dredge on and on about the Temple of Theistic Satanism. If one is interested, all they must do is ask – if not, that is not a problem either.

Final thoughts on Satanism in general –  Satanism is a grand and broad path, and should be respected as such. Some have attempted to tie it to illegal activity, and other hate based ideologies. I personally will never ascribe to such a belief, nor will I ever support hatred of innocent and non affiliated people. Such actions are nothing more than following a path I have heard referred to as evilism – and are subjecting themselves and the rest of us to fulfilling the stereotyping of our people as a whole.

Satanism should not focus on Hate, vengeance or anger, as these actions and emotions end up feeding upon themselves, making the person a shell of their intended self. It is not about the domination of one group over another, as all the while we should all be working together to make Satanism and its community stronger.

My opinions on the path of Satanism are varied, and can be flexible, as all of ours should be –  Satanism should be about flexible growth, versus stagnate rigidity.


I see humanity, not as just another animal species, but rather as a species of life that has the possibility to transcend to so much more. The animal kingdom, is not the ones devising grand technologies, nor is it reaching into the stars – however we are. We as a species are foraging ahead, fighting against chance and division. This is something  that many people turn into political and ideological problems. Humanity, as a whole has much potential, and given the right climate we could aspire to great heights.

Unity, on a worldwide scale would push the planet away from many dangers it faces, most caused by petty wars among nations vying for power. World hunger, something that affects every nation on earth, would be able to be dealt with through a united populace working for the same goal – Medicine, science, and exploration of the universe would begin to leap ahead, with the world working as one.

Perhaps, one of the reasons we have not had true encounters with other worldly beings, is the state of our planet. No I am not talking about some form of global warming, but the division of the people. We are not ready for some sort of official first contact, and any advanced life-form that may or may not exist can or would know this. We are an immature planet, working against itself, fighting our own people, over stupid nothings.

Global unity is something that is shunned by people of the Abrahamic paths, regardless of sect. Each Abrahamic faith has pushed the ideology of such being evil, that it is almost ingrained into the human subconscious. Christians believe they will rule the world and that only the Anti-Christ would approve global unification. Islam, on a more radical front, believes in the sane aspect, through their prophecy of the Mahdi. The Jewish people also have similar if not less violent ideas, spawning from their ‘waiting for the messiah.’ All of these billions of people have been taught since childhood, that humanity is to be divided, and that unity is of their paths particular devil.

I personally see this as a reason to pursue, rather the shun human unity. Thus, in part, conforming slightly to the stereotyping of Satan and Satanism, however following a path that would benefit everyone. Not just a slim minority whom are able to grab power. The majority of people would be able to be citizens of the world, and be the same person they are today – just without the day-to-day bull shit that we deal with from warring nations, and squabbling leaders. This would also break down many barriers, within many different communities in my opinion, such as Race, politics, religion, and other cultural issues that bring us so much ignorance.

Now this is not something that could be easy, not in the least. There will always be someone who would be willing to kill to stop such a plan, and this is not limited to a few. The main resistance would be from isolationists within each sector of the world. Satanism would be no different, as there are people within Satanism that have some of the same whacked out political and nationalism ideologies that the Right wing Christian militia people have. I will not name any names, but they indeed know whom they are.

The issue is not IF this happens, but rather when. The world will eventually progress to appoint when the age-old stupidity is cast aside, and the world moves into the dawn of the new age – taking us into the future. I am hoping that this will be within my lifetime, as I am eager to see a brighter world for my children to grow up in – free from the terrorism, pain, ignorance, and twisted Dark Ages ideologies that I grew up with.

Religion in General

Religion, is essentially any path that one follows as a faith or spiritual/philosophical belief. This ranges from Satanism to Christianity, Islam to Judaism, Buddhism to Hinduism, Wicca to Pastafarianism. (I threw in the last one merely for the example it provides.) Religion is anything anyone wants to follow for any reason. Simple and to the point, however is it something that should be the answer to everything and the only thing that encompasses our life? NO…

Religion should be something that compliments our life not conquers it. As we follow our path of choosing, it should not become some violent weapon we use to force people into thinking our way. It should be something that brings us our happiness and power, through our own means. We can most definitely share it with others whom may be interested, but we should not be out to push it in others faces.

While some may see their life goal, as becoming the Billy Graham of Satanism, I see this as part of the problem on a greater scale than part of the solution. As people pursue Evangelical Satanism, or any other path for that matter, the become pawns for the religion, and take it into a slave hold position. Let us take Satanism as an example..

When talking to the average person on the street, what would happen if we attempted to talk them into becoming a Satanist, the same way a Christian (you pick the sect) converted people to their following? Most likely we would become someone whom is avoided by all who hear of the situation, and would lose the ability to be credible in the eyes of not only the general public, but also within the Satanic community, as we would be labeled as a Christian.. There are however effective ways to display our path, without becoming evangelical nut jobs.

Living our lives publicly, and not hiding who we are. That is all there is to do – being a normal, decent person, all the while people knowing what you are, and you are perfectly showing others Satanism. By doing such, you are dispelling the myths about our dark and evil lifestyles, and taking the path to them in a non threatening way. This will have more success than trying to convince people to become a Satanist – as the human curiosity is something that would have them eventually asking questions.

Acting like the average person, all the while being a Satanist, may sound like a pointless experiment, as it takes the rebellion out of Satanism. However, being that being a rebellious Satanist is merely a lopsided stereotype, then it is something that we should be willing to do. We must not be part of the religious fanatics whom stand on the corner, or the neighbors porch proclaiming that ‘Satan is King!’ or that ‘Satan is coming back to _____’ – These  are false ‘flags’ if you will, as they mean nothing to Satanism in the least.

Religion has generally one thing in common with everyone within it, the concept of fluidity between the paths. This is seen in the crossing over of Judaic, Pagan, and other smaller beliefs, into one massive theocracy known as Christianity/Catholicism. There are even people now, within Satanism itself, taking Christian philosophies into the path, and twisting it into their own brand of Satanism. While this is part of Satanism, and even religion in general, it is something that is funny to watch, as the deity takes on such strange forms, as people make new thought forms.

Satan, as some would now like to claim, has assumed the role of the Messiah and returning king in some places, and mimics Christianity in many different ways. Suddenly becoming something that one must ‘accept into their heart’ and other Christian principles, and losing His status as the proponent of Free will and enlightenment. This is pure and expected religion at its finest (sarcastically speaking of course) as it is merely using the age-old cult tactics that Christianity used from the beginning, and we see how WONDERFUL that has worked out.

Religion should not be something that is a tool to frighten people, goad people into accepting or anything of the sort – It should be something that is chosen freely. As I have stated several times, we must not use these things to destroy, but rather build up that which the ‘others’ have torn down.

Good And Evil

While some may say that this is tied to the path we follow, and the place in which we live, I contend it to be more subjective to standards that we set personally, in tune with those imposed by society.While some things, in the respect to morals, (as in sexuality, reproduction, etc) are not matters that should be set or determined by Society, some things are not necessarily bad to have set for us. These are generally things such as rape, murder, stealing and the like. Things that are not merely personal choices, but also subject others to forms of suffering. These are the sort of things that I would label as evil – Some may say that this is not Satanic, however what could be more Satanic than respecting the rights of others? Perhaps the ideologies of Christianity and the like have infiltrated your psyche too much for you to see.

While some may agree that these things are true, they insist on playing the part of the ‘evil’ outcast, and this is something I cannot truly do – Satanism, as I see it, and Humanity in general is neither composed of good or evil – it is a matter of light and dark energies, and what people twist them into. Light, which is generally associated (by pop-culture and mainstream religion) with ‘good’ and Darkness, which is associated in the same ways with evil. These conceptions are rather contrived, and extremely stretched to fit people’s opinions –

Darkness has never been much different from Light, as they are merely two sides of the Same power, working for similar goals through multiple avenues. While some may see this as meaning that one side must fight the other, in some major battle for the souls of men, I see this as directly opposite. While I DO NOT believe Christianity, Islam, or Judaism (or anything close to those three) as being Light OR Dark, there are light aspects of the Occult that would be able to fit into that category.

This would also apply to the appearance of the person, as most of those who feel they must overly portray an appearance of Light or Dark, are merely playing into pop-culture and fads. These include everything from vampires to Satanists, pagans, to Celts – It is not about the look, but the actions of the person and the energy/deities they use. For example, someone whom is devout in their path, would not need to be displaying themselves in overt manners, all the time. This is something that can be done, but should be done carefully, as to not play into stereotyping and ignorance.

There are many Satanists, who do great and wonderful things for others, and do Good things within their community. These people however are labeled as ‘evil’ by the mainstream – not based upon their actions, but upon their beliefs. Such a thing is the result of Zoroastrianism being used today, in the essence of almost every religion in the mainstream. This indoctrination, skews the views of the general person, and takes them from being looked at as equal humans, to being sub-human or worse. This is why good and evil is not something as being proper or even valid. Perhaps, something along the lines of simple Social Justice, and what is able to be tolerated would suffice.

This would remove many issues we face from society, whether it be abortion, gay rights, and religious freedom. Three key issues that seem to be consolidating the forces of Christendom into action today. They care not for the freedom of the normal and average homosexual couple (of either gender) nor do they care for the woman who cannot carry her child for health reasons — People who make such choices, are considered evil – merely because a religion has deemed them as such.

Do not people have the right to eat, live and behave as they wish? Can these things be defined as anything more than that which does not harm or infringe upon the rights of others to do the same? I say NO – IT can not and it SHOULD not be so. We are all equal, and we should all be free to pursue our lives as we see it without fear of repression, oppression or persecution.

NOTE  – I personally do not support needless abortion of a potentially healthy child by an apparently healthy mother. Abortion should not be used to remove an ‘accident’ or shirk responsibility, but rather as a ‘last ditch’ necessity to save the life and/or health of the mother. This is however, why it is called freedom of Choice – the mother then has the choice to either commit potential medical suicide for her baby, or live to try another day – There is nothing evil in this statement, although the religious right-wing fundamentalist would attempt to destroy such a person, or such a right – it is not their place to force a woman to murder herself for her unborn baby, nor is it anyone’s place to force her NOT to do so -

Some Final Thoughts -

Although I have been writing this article on and off for a couple of weeks, I seem to start seeing these exact same items being discussed by others within the community – As I am not one to really care if I get ‘notoriety’ for such things, or being fist on something, I do find it curious that such things are suddenly being released by others – I agree with their statements nonetheless, although I had to change all of my website passwords — (Hackers are annoying, especially when they are idiotic enough to not mask themselves) -

You may ask, who in fact wold have taken the time to hack little ol’ me? I can tell you this much, it is someone who is incapable of originality and ideals – who knows nothing but what is already available. No it’s not a ‘Muslim’, nor is it Joy of Satan – I will not however say whom it is, as they know whom they are. Their repeated stupidity has not only been discovered but countered – I am not as novice as I seem, and will not allow myself to fall victim to such ignorance.

I will, starting at some point next week, begin releasing a somewhat regular voice blog, and working on setting up a ‘internet radio’ system – along with hopefully being able to do some videos that contain me, as I am, not with smoke and mirrors. I have nothing to hide from our people, and am willing to do what I can for them – No lies, and no false flags – Just me, doing what I can for Satan and His Kingdom.

I am looking forward to continuing the work for Satanism, with all of my colleagues (at least, those who are willing to acknowledge such) regardless of who they are and what they believe. The time has come to be all we can be for Satanism, and for our people – without such an effort, we will never move forward, and will ALWAYS be nothing more than the scapegoat of the mainstream. Perhaps that is what you wish us to be, and that is your choice, but I would rather see Humanity move to a point where Satanism is respected, people are treated equally and there is NO MORE IGNORANCE straddling the fence of Politics, Religion, Social issues and Human rights.

We are all Citizens of Satan’s world, (OR the planet, earth, or whatever you wish to call it – I wish not to offend my Atheist friends in any way I can keep from it) and we should learn to be there for each other -

Break down the Barriers -


James L. Nicholson II
Temple of Theistic Satanism